Benefit Consulting

Know where you’ve been — choose where you’re going.

Benefit Consulting

Benefits planning: know where you’ve been — choose where you’re going

Design your benefits plan

We bring all the data together to help you determine the optimal benefit features for your benefit plan, including co-pay, reimbursements, contribution levels and consumerism incentives. We can help you get more value from your pharmacy plans, too. Learn more about our analytics.

Communicate with your team

Let us help you craft and promote your company’s mission, vision and values. We’ll also help you evaluate the HR response to corporate initiatives, such as acquisitions, layoffs or expansions.

Track health plan performance

Identify your cost drivers and gain control of your valuable data. We combine your historical claims data with future claims projections — to generate benchmarking, trend analysis, predictive modeling, financing forecasts and more. You can access your data and create fully customizable reports through our secure Web-based applications. Learn more about our analytics.

Negotiate with carriers/TPAs

Leverage our expertise to get the best and final offer. We’ll use our analysis to your advantage and handle all carrier negotiations on your behalf.

Launch Health Improvement Initiatives

Modify your risk factors for real cost control. We analyze employee health trends and help you devise programs to improve employee health decisions. Learn more about health improvement and wellness initiatives.

Implementation: put all the pieces in place


Reach your employees with all the information they need. We provide a variety of formats to accomplish your goals.

Online enrollment

Automate for error reduction and better employee engagement. Our TPA partners’ customizable, secure web-based benefits environment helps your employees easily navigate the enrollment process, and features helpful tools to support their health care decisions. Learn more about benefits administration services.

Monitoring: keep ahead of your health costs


Stay on top of your trends. Our actuaries can help you anticipate and manage changes to your bottom line. Learn more about actuarial analytics.

Analyzing Claims

Know where your claim dollars are going. We look at your claims on a micro level in order to help you gain a better understanding of what you can do to control costs. Learn more about claims analytics.

Supporting compliance and regulatory mandates

Keep ahead of changes. Federal and state requirements require a vigilant eye. We are your compliance partner — with seminars, annual reviews and checklists, newsletters and webinars to keep you prepared and informed. Learn more about how we can help.