What's the Best Fit?

What’s The Best Fit?

While all of the self funded options provide a viable alternative to fully insured programs, Hybrid and Flex Funded self funded options provide the easiest transition to self funding for current fully insured employers.

Hybrid and Flex Funded self funded programs are designed to provide a self-funded alternative to fully insured programs, while still maintaining the ability to create a capitated healthcare expense for small to mid-sized employers.

Originally designed as a means to transition clients from fully insured programs to traditional specific & aggregate self funding programs, Hybrid stop loss programs have evolved and now come in a variety of different forms. The main variations include aggregate only programs and level funded programs.

The main idea behind the Hybrid and Flex Funded programs is the ability to maintain a monthly healthcare budget, as well as provide a chance to recover savings from the plan if the client’s claims run well.

As a self-funded program governed by ERISA, the client is able to overlay any type of plan design desired, as well as incorporate different PPOs, wellness programs, etc., to create a fully customized benefit plan that best meets their needs.

Hybrid and Flex Funded quotes are available for groups down to 25 lives, with group disclosure utilized for groups with claims data, and individual applications utilized for groups without.